Site Promotion with Meta Tags: They’re More Useful Than You Think!

META TAGS: The term “Meta” is derived from the word “Metadata” which means data which describes in summary form a larger collection of data. There are two types of Meta tags: user defined variables and system variables. System variable meta tags are also called “HTTP-EQUIV” tags, because they issue browser level commands such as when to refresh a page, but are rarely used today, as most of their functionality has been replaced by javascript. We will be looking at three user variable Meta tags which, although not as important as they once were, still retain some value to the internet marketer.

The proper syntax for these tags is , and are found in the header of an HTML page between the and tags.

Of the dozen or more Meta tags built into standard HTML, only three really have any value for web designers in regard to search engines or end users. These are the Title, Description, and Keywords Meta tags. If you open up your website’s HTML source code, or click on the Template tab in your blog, you’ll see them as something like this:

A short, to the point, description of your site

In the early days of the internet, search engines relied heavily on the values in these tags to help them index and classify web pages. But internet marketers soon learned how to manipulate the data in these tags to achieve unfair search rankings, or falsely represent the content of their sites. In consequence, most search engines today pay little or no attention to these tags, and rely instead on the actual content of a website to determine relevancy for search engine rankings.

So, if these tags have little importance to modern search engines, why am I discussing them as related to promoting your site? Well, these tags are still used in limited fashion by many search engines and can help you in subtle ways, and have other uses which make them worth setting up properly.

For example, Meta tags played a significant part in the logic of the Inktomi search technology, which is what Yahoo!’s search technology is based on, and the search engine Teoma (now known as ExpertRank) used by And while Meta tags may have little impact with other major search engines, many of the less popular and sophisticated search engines still rely on them, meaning that there will be times where effective use of these tags can give you an advantage over another site which has ignored them.

These Meta tags have other subtle effects, as well, which I’ll explain in more detail as we look at each individual tags below.

TITLE META TAG: The Title Meta tag has several important uses that you should be aware of. This tag determines what is displayed in a browser’s title bar for the active page, and is used as the default name for a page when it is bookmarked. But most importantly, search engines often use the information in this tag as the hyperlink text displayed on their results page.

For this reason, you should make sure that your Title tag accurately represents your site’s content. Try to use the most descriptive words in the first 20 or so characters as the rest is usually cut-off when a search engine displays it. And of course, use relevant Keywords as much as possible, because even though most search engines don’t give much importance to these tags today, often the values contained in them are still scanned as a part of your site’s content as a whole. So including Keywords in your Title tag can add to your site’s overall Keyword density.

DESCRIPTION META TAG: The Description Meta tag has a similar application to the Title Meta tag in that many search engines pull from it for their search results, displaying it as the description under a site’s hyperlink on results pages. This application is not universal, as Google frequently creates its own description dynamically from the content of your site. Yahoo! utilizes it more frequently, but not in all cases. However, it is better to have it than not, because it at least gives you some small control over how your site is described. And if you leave it empty, some search engines will use the first few words to appear on your site for this description instead, and often that doesn’t result in a very good indication of your site’s content.

As with the Title tag, use Keywords when creating your Description Meta tag, as some search engines still include its content as a part of the overall evaluation of your site. Also, because this tag is often used as the default description for your site, take your time in what it should contain. Try to write a description which is going to encourage users to click on your link. Include enough so it is clear what your site is about, and include a “call to action” to encourage someone to click on your link. Think of it as your first opportunity to “sell your site”. Do not expect a search engine to use more than the first 150 characters though, so be sure to include the important information and your call to action at the very beginning of your description, where it is most likely to be displayed in the search results.

KEYWORDS META TAG: Ah, now we come to the tag that everyone seems obsessed with: the Keywords Meta tag. This is where, in the past, search engines would look to classify and index your site. But today it is used little in search engine algorithms.

However, the Keywords Meta tag hasn’t completely lost its usefulness. Some search engines still consider the data in this tag when evaluating a web page, although it is difficult to determine how much weight they give it. However, even Yahoo advises the use of the Keywords Meta tag:

“Use a ‘keyword’ meta-tag to list key words for the document. Use a distinct list of keywords that relate to the specific page on your site instead of using one broad set of keywords for every page.” — []

And there’s other uses for this tag that you should consider. Internal site searches (where the search only looks through the current domain) often use these tags to find individual pages within a website, although this isn’t such a concern for bloggers since separate posts don’t possess their own Meta tags. In some cases, a search engine that wouldn’t use this tag normally, might fall back on it if the page it is evaluating doesn’t have enough content to classify. Also, the Keywords Meta tag can sometimes be helpful in getting your page located if a search term is misspelled by the user. So it can be a good idea to include common misspellings or unusual variations of your critical search terms in your Keywords tag. In other cases, it can be useful to list keywords in the Meta tags of individual pages if there are terms that relate to your site as a whole but are not actually used on the current page. For example, if you have a site dedicated to dogs, and one page is dedicated to proper canine diet, but you want people searching for “dog hygiene” to find it as well, you could include “dog hygiene” as part of your Keywords Meta tag.

There is one final way this Meta tag can be useful. As you develop the content for your site, it goes without saying that you should keep critical keywords in mind. Maintaining high keyword density within your content is arguably the most effective way to increase your rankings with search engines. Therefore, I would recommend that before you attempt to create the content for your site, you identify those keywords which are most essential to your topic. Then list those terms in the Keywords Meta tag. This Meta tag then is a constant reminder of which terms you should try to use as you create your content.

In conclusion, let me leave you with a few tips for using the Keywords Meta tag:

  • Keep your number of Keywords to under 1,000 characters
  • Do not repeat any particular keyword more than 3 times
  • Include misspellings or variations of keywords that relate to your site as a whole but might not be mentioned on that page
  • Refer back to the keywords you have chosen as you build the content for your web page

So, there you have it. Don’t rely on your Meta tags to ensure your place in search engine rankings, but don’t neglect them either. It doesn’t take much to develop them properly, and they can give you an edge over competing websites that have ignored them. And as a last warning, if you find yourself tempted to milk the usefulness of these Meta tags by keyword repetition or including terms that don’t relate to your site content — DON’T. Even search engines that pay little attention to the content of these tags often have logic which will “punish” sites they suspect of abusing them.

5 Eye-Opening And Revealing Internet Marketing Illusions Openly Exposed And Stripped Bare

Just the thought of being able to make money from home on the internet is enough to make anyone who is ready to give up the commute to a dead end or unfulfilling job want to give it a shot. Why not? What have you got to lose?

But wait a minute, there’s a little more to it than just plugging in your computer, pressing a few buttons and watching your bank account fill up with cash. As a matter of fact there’s a lot more to it than that. Imagine how many people would become millionaires if it was that easy.

O.k. so where does the idea originate from suggesting that it’s so easy to make money with internet marketing and why do people fail as a result of these illusions of grandeur?

Two culprits immediately come to mind fostering these harmful beliefs:

1. False promises and sales propaganda
2. False expectations and unrealistic thinking

So let’s focus on the 6 internet marketing illusions that cause people to fail online:

Illusion #1: Making Money Online is EASY. This is one of the key illusions that end up costing people time, money and their mental health.

Sure internet marketing is easy if:

A. You already have a business background
B. Understand how to manage projects to completion
C. Have some background in sales and direct marketing
D. Know how to build a sales funnel and develop relationships with consumers.

Now the truth is that the majority of people who are attempting to get their feet wet online don’t have a clue about any of the components I just mentioned. Probability of success… zero.

Illusion #2: You Don’t Need To Do Anything. Here’s a question to consider: “how many lazy successful entrepreneurs do you know?” If you take a moment to research some of the biggest names in the internet marketing space you will discover just how much work they put into getting their business where it is today.

Most of what people see today is the end result of long hard years of sweat and perseverance. The only people who experience incredible levels of success very early on have knowledge of the aforementioned areas mentioned under illusion #1. Building an internet business takes work, which means you have to put forth consistent effort. No tickie, no shirtie.

Illusion #3: Push Button Free Traffic. This statement is about as contradictory as it sounds. First of all there is no such thing as free online. I used to think there was and that kind of thinking was one of the biggest obstacles for me to overcome.

To explain this a little further I used to think that so long as I didn’t take any money out of pocket to make something happen… it was free. I was dead wrong and here’s why:

Any activity you perform online will cost you in terms of time or money invested. If you choose not to pay someone else to do something, than you will have to invest the time yourself to accomplish it. How much is your time worth? How much do you make per hour on your job now? Understand?

Illusion #4: Internet Marketing is saturated. When you consider the vast amount of websites competing in the various niche markets online it’s very easy to think that your opportunity has passed you by. First of all you have to understand how search engines work and what their software is designed to do.

There are different levels of searches that can be performed to decipher exactly how much competition exists within a specific niche and whether or not you stand a chance at competing successfully. To put it plainly, this is called competitive research and something that most people never really take the time to do.

The truth is that there is so much opportunity available that the demand actually exceeds the supply.

Illusion #5: Nobody is really making the money they claim on the internet. This myth can easily cause someone to develop a self-defeating attitude. With this kind of thinking it’s very easy to talk yourself out of exercising your potential.

When you look at successful internet marketers like: Mike Filsaime, Stephen Pierce, John Reese, Frank Kern, Stone Evans and other marketers of that caliber you will find that their success is documented. The exciting part is that these individuals barely represent.01% of the success that is available to you.

The key to achieving the level of success and exposure they enjoy is to develop a business perspective to internet marketing. For these people internet marketing was not “some hobby”. They took a serious calculated business approach and worked diligently at implementing the necessary steps to achieve their desired outcome.

What vision do you have for your internet marketing business? If you can clearly define what it is you wish to accomplish and a plan to achieve it… the sky is literally the limit.

Experience the Rewards of One of the Profitable Home Based Businesses Through MLM

For most people, the idea of working for a company that requires them to keep a time card and maintain their hours in consistency with the office rules can be rather frustrating. A lot of people would agree that if the chance of finding profitable home based businesses these days is very easy, then they would readily jump on the opportunity just to leave a scheduled corporate setup.You may be one of the many people who are going through the motions of a day job simply because you feel as though you have to. If you are thinking that there are no opportunities that will open for you with the benefit of your own time management and with you being the boss, then that’s the worst idea that you have entertained in your existence. There are prospects out there waiting and you don’t have to take for granted the chances that you have in finding them.One of the most profitable home based businesses that you can try is multilevel marketing. This opportunity may work well if you don’t want to give up the security blanket that your current job is providing for you. MLM requires you to pour in a little of your time in the business which means that you will be able to keep your day job. Once you have established your business in network marketing, you can then decide whether or not to leave your regular employment and concentrate on your MLM business.When you have decided to focus on your MLM undertaking, you will then experience all the advantages that it can provide for you. You will be able to focus in this money making scheme and be a bit comfortable knowing that it can match the paycheck you are earning from your day job. You will have all the time in the world strategizing how to further your gains and increase the number of people in your network. In the long term, you can sit back and watch your money grow in the form of the residual income that you invested in the business by recruiting other people to join the system.Though multilevel marketing is one of the profitable home based businesses in the market today, it requires you to work hard and be patient to succeed. If you start early, you will also earn its rewards sooner than expected.

The Rise of 1099 in Legit Home Base Business

In 2011 it has become the rise of 1099 because of massive lay offs in our economy. People longer have the desire to work for peanuts to make others rich. People are looking for legit home base business to run. Those that look into training in Network marketing to make extra income from home have started looking for MLM training online. The belly to belly way of building a Network marketing business has changed from 1980′s to 2011. Belly to belly marketing is making your list of 100 people in your warm market meaning friends and family. Distributors have graduated to using methods that go beyond their warm marketing by using the phone, internet, and written word. The first stage of building your skill set is learning to talk with a cold calling script over the phone to prospects. This art of prospecting will allow you to build a skill set that cost you last over time and is more effective by calling cheap leads.Smart training in Network marketing will teach you how to find your target audience without bugging your friends and family. The reality is 95% of the people you know don’t care about your business venture. They don’t care if it is a legitimate home based business opportunities. I’m sure you’re thinking if they don’t care how I will grow my business from home. Remember, I talk about going beyond your warm market. Don’t get tripped up like most people when they join a legit home base business. Their running all across town to sign someone up into their business; however, they are wasting gas to sign someone up. When it would make sense to be able to pick up the telephone with your cold calling scripts sign someone up in your business. With the right MLM training online you will be shown how use the phone, internet, and written word to build a massive down line.To run legitimate home base business opportunities is opening your eyes to discover online MLM secrets to grow your business without relying on out dated and ineffective warm market techniques that are being taught. This is crucial to your success in your legit home base business it’s all about learning marketing. Here’s example called, “The Bridge, The 3-Way Bonding Technique”. When it comes to the “The Bridge” it is simple when there are two point for example like Point 1 to Point 2. Point 1 is a place of pain or unhappiness. Your prospect has a low credit score at 625 that will not allow him to purchase the house of his dreams. However, you can help him get to point 2 a place of pleasure, comfort and happiness. By fixing his credit and paying off debt. This will allow him in 6 months to increase his credit score by 150 with your financial services program. Now, he will be at 725 this will allow him to get a better interest rate and better monthly mortgage.When it come to 3-Way Bonding Technique is a mindful marketing method where you, the marketer, intentionally create connections among three points. They are the following: Your Prospect – Your Product – YouBy using this method you will be able to increase sales conversations for your business. To learn how to get prospects to point 1 to point 2 with the 3 way bonding technique with a step by step guide training in Network Marketing. To see a free video go to 3 Way Bonding for running a legit home base business.

Tax Write Offs For Home Based Businesses – 5 Write Offs That You Can Take Advantage Of

If you run a business at home or are thinking of running one, it is important to be aware of the tax write offs for home based businesses. Whether your business is detailed, with a separate portion of your house dedicated to it, or whether it is online from your home computer, you should take a serious look at these deductions. Assuming your business is profitable, these deductions can save you money at tax time.5 Tax Write Offs For Home Based Businesses1. Office Expenses: Whatever you use for your business in the form of pens, paper, postage and so on can be claimed in full each year. Although you can claim larger office items such as filing cabinets, printers and computers, these fall under depreciable assets, so the rules are different. If you do not have an official office you can still claim these costs, even if you do most of your work in bed on your laptop.2. Mortgage or Rent and Property Tax: One of the great tax write offs for home based businesses is your home! If your home is your primary place of business or you use a certain space in your home only to earn income, than you can claim a portion of your mortgage interest and property taxes. This is a huge amount and can save you a great deal of money. If you rent, and can prove the above, than you can claim a portion of your rent as a business expense also. The portion you can claim is dependent on how much of that space you actually use and how much time you spend using it for business.3. Other Home Expenses: You can deduct almost any expense that you incur from owning a home or renting a property. But the same rule applies that only a portion can be deducted depending on how much it is used for business. These other expenses include power, internet, telephone, heating, water and any maintenance repairs.4. Automobile: Tax write offs for home based businesses can include your vehicle; this is another area where you can save a lot of money. As long as you keep track of your mileage used for business related activities (which can be as simple as going to the store to get office supplies) you can claim that portion of your fuel, oil, automobile insurance and licensing. If you use your vehicle to help you earn an income than you can deduct any interest on money that you borrowed to purchase the vehicle. If you lease, you can deduct the cost of the lease. However, there is a cap on the amount of interest you can deduct over the life of the vehicle.5. Insurance: Anyone who operates a home based business should consider home based business insurance. This insurance covers you if anything were to happen. Many times, people without this insurance will not get compensated in the case of disaster since this is entirely separate from home owners insurance. The cost of this insurance is deductible. In some cases as well, a portion of the cost of your home insurance can be deducted.Tax write offs for home based businesses are just some of the perks of having a business at home. As always, before attempting to claim any tax write offs for your home based business, consult an accountant as the tax rules can be different depending on where you live.

Increase Your Chances For Success With These Home Based Business Startup Tips

With the thousands of businesses available to choose from, it is critically important that you conduct a self-analysis before you proceed. Unless you are absolutely sure of what your strengths, weaknesses, likes, desires, skills, etc. are, you’re traveling down the road without any clue where you’re going when choosing an at home based business. Once you understand who you are, deciding what the right business might be will greatly increase your chances of success. Your personality and skills understood, the following are some of essential steps you need to take before starting an at home based business.Conduct a Market analysis: Understand that you really do not have a business until you are able to sell a product or service. The first essential step is to research your potential market. Is there demand for what you are offering? Are there enough customers demanding your product or service to support your business? Is it a national or local market? Who are and can you define your ideal customers? Not knowing the answers to these questions will create a huge roadblock to success. This is a major reason why startups have such a high failure rate in their first year. Don’t find out the hard way that there is not enough demand for your product or service to capture.What’s Your Money Situation: Although there are many at home based businesses to require very little capital to get going, you can’t start a business without at least some capital. Determine how much you’ve got, what you will need and how you plan on obtaining it. Even if you’ve go enough capital to launch, you are still going to need to write a comprehensive business plan, if for no other reason than to help you understand your roadmap to success. If you don’t plan to win, you plan to fail. This will help you understand the costs associated with your business, how much money you’ll need and where it may come from.Hire a Good Business Attorney and Accountant: Many start-ups figure they’ll save money and skip this step, but take it from me; a good attorney is worth their weight in gold. At a minimum, you’ll want to hire an attorney experienced with new businesses to help you get started. A good attorney will help you structure your business in a way that will be most advantageous to you.An accountant will work in conjunction with your attorney and be instrumental in determining the best form of ownership and must be well versed in home business startups. A good accountant will help you establish record keeping procedures, bookkeeping, and is critically important for tax planning.Decide on a Business Structure: Sole proprietorship, partnership, “C” corp., “S” corp. or an LLC are your choices. Personal liability, taxes, paperwork and regulations will vary greatly within each of these legal business structures. Your attorney and accountant should be great resources in deciding what is best for you.What are You Going to Call Your Business: Obviously your business name is how you’re going to be known to the world and it will say a lot about your company. Choose a name that best describes your company in a few words. It should be easy to remember, pronounce and spell. It should be catchy. Consider how it will translate to a Internet domain name should also be considered. Keep in mind that you will need to do some investigating to insure that your name is as unique as you can make it and understand what your Internet domain name options are.Make Sure You Get Legal: A business license is a must but you may need to get additional licenses depending on the type of business and what the local laws require. Make sure you are in compliance with all local and state laws where your home based business is located. The zoning laws and any HOA rules and regulations must be thoroughly understood. It would be a shame if you’re shut down because this step wasn’t adhered to.These are just some of the highlights of the many important areas that need to be addressed if you truly want to put to odds of success in your favor when launching an at home based business. Checking off these will put you in a much more confident, business-ready position. But don’t stop here. The resources are endless on the Internet but can many times be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve developed an ‘at home based business’ step-by-step roadmap to success.

Easy Tips and Tricks to Get Small Business Accounting Right

Making mistakes in your accounting can have serious implications for any business, such as significant fines for suspected tax evasion. For a large corporation, this can damage both the finances and the reputation of the company. For a small business however, it can have a huge impact and possibly even cause the company to go under, if there is not enough money to pay the fines.

Good accounting is therefore essential right from the very start. Many small business owners believe that they do not need to do any kind of accounting, or do only basic bookkeeping, but this is wrong. It is critical for every business, no matter its size, to start accounting from the moment it starts trading. Simply keeping hold of customer receipts and invoices is not enough, the business must set up a simple but thorough system to record all transactions made and to produce reports as and when needed. Getting off to a good start with accounting will set your business up for long-term success.

When you launch your small business, open a separate bank account for it. It is not uncommon for sole traders for example to simply use their personal checking account for their business but this then makes it impossible, or at least extremely difficult and time-consuming, to carry out a reconciliation, which is a check to ensure that the figure your bookkeeping tells you should be in the account is indeed the amount in the account.

Reconciling your books and accounts regularly, such as weekly or monthly, is a great way to avoid accounting errors. This way if the figures do not add up you will have more chance of being able to correct the mistake. Imagine trying to find a small receipt from ten months ago, for example. That is the kind of problem that can occur and be impossible to correct if you only check your books against your bank right before you have to submit your annual tax return.

Good bookkeeping and accounting such as producing monthly cash flow statements not only benefits you when it comes to submitting your tax return, which is much easier when you have all of the necessary figures and documentation already in place, but it also benefits you because you can see if you are overspending on particular items or services, and predict whether you will make a profit or loss. You can also start to see trends, such as seasonal increases and decreases in profit, which may otherwise have gone unnoticed.

Another great tip is to find out if you are entitled to any tax credits as a small business owner. Too many small companies do not realise that they may be able to claim certain expenses such as travel, home office costs and even childcare as untaxed. Be sure to do your research to make sure you are not overpaying.

For small businesses who want to keep their accounts in good order but who perhaps do not have the expertise needed to do their own accounting, there are a couple of options to choose from. It is possible to buy accounting software online that will produce reports for you. These are relatively cheap and easy to use, however the reports are only as good as the figures you enter into them so if you make an error, it is likely to go unnoticed.

Hiring a small business accountant, however, ensures that your accounts will be prepared by a knowledgeable and experienced person who pays meticulous attention to detail. You can opt for a local accountant or, to keep costs down, you can find an accountant online who generally charge lower fees.

Natural Supplements to Grow Taller Review – Herbal Facts and Marketer’s Claims Review

Why do many consumers take dietary supplements to grow taller? The reasons are varied-many times medically valid, sometimes not. In low or appropriate dosages, some supplements offer health benefits under some circumstances. Some people use supplements with good intention: perhaps in search of protection from or a remedy for health problems such as depression, aging skin, cancer, or arthritis. Still others seek added benefits: perhaps better athletic performance or sexual prowess. Too often, supplement use is based on scientifically unfounded marketing promises. But, some people still claim to undeniable scientific proofs.

It would be great, but boosting your nutrient intake won’t cause your cells to produce extra energy or more brain power. Only three nutrients carbohydrates, fats, and proteins supply energy or calories to grow taller. Vitamins don’t. Although B vitamins do help body cells produce energy from the three energy nutrients, they don’t produce energy themselves. Many powerful drugs and toxic chemicals are plant-based. Varieties of mushrooms can be classified as “culinary delicious” or “deadly dangerous.” In the same vein, herbal supplements should be used with caution! Any healthy natural supplements to grow taller, without proper doctor acknowledgement and governement authority approbation sounds really fishy to me.

Athletes and other physically active people need about the same amount of nutrients as others do to grow taller just more energy, or calories, for the increased demands of exercise. The extra amount of food that active people eat supplies the very small amount of extra vitamins needed to grow taller and have more energy production, too.

Although protein needs are somewhat higher for some athletes, especially for those in strength-training sports, food can easily provide the extra. On another note, physical activity, not extra amino acids (protein), builds muscle. For more on nutrition for athletes and ergogenic aids.

Dietary supplements to grow taller won’t protect you from the harmful effects of smoking or alcohol abuse. Here’s the real scoop: Smoking does increase the body’s need for vitamin C; drinking excessive amounts of alcoholic beverages can interfere with the body’s use of most nutrients. If soil can grow crops, the food produced is nutritious. When soil lacks minerals, plants don’t grow properly and may not produce their potential yield. Growing area does affect a food’s iodine and selenium contents.

Supplements won’t give you instant grow taller results, it would take at least a 2-3 months training for instance. For vitamins and minerals to do their work, they need several hours or several days to interact and do their work in your body. For any benefits from other dietary supplements to grow taller, you likely need to take them even longer. Supplements to grow taller are easy to spot. By law, they must be labeled “dietary supplements.” About eighty thousand dietary supplements are marketed in the United States with multivitamin/mineral supplements being the biggest product category-and with an average of 500 new products launched each year. They’re sold in many forms-for example, tablets, capsules, softgels, gelcaps, liquids, powders, and bars.

Do you consume a varied, balanced diet to grow taller? With some exceptions, supplements usually aren’t necessary. If you’re healthy and if you’re able and willing to eat a balanced, varied diet. You probably can get the vitamins and minerals you need from smart food choices. According to national studies, most Americans have enough healthful foods available to do that, yet they may not. Under some circumstances, vitamin/mineral supplements offer benefits and are advised; like those for growing taller.

A woman with heavy menstrual bleeding? You may need an iron supplement to replace iron from blood loss. To enhance absorption, take iron supplements with water or juice on an empty stomach. If nausea or constipation are problems, take iron supplements with food. Absorption may be decreased by as much as 50 percent when taken with a meal or a snack. A woman who’s pregnant or breast-feeding? You need more of some nutrients, especially folate and iron-and perhaps calcium if you don’t consume enough calcium-rich foods. Check the label’s Supplement Facts to make sure you get enough for a healthy pregnancy. Ask about a prenatal vitamin/mineral supplement.

Someone unable or unwilling to regularly consume a healthful diet to grow taller? You likely need a dietary supplement to fill in the nutrient gaps. However, eating smarter would be better if you don’t have food-related health problems! Take a supplement with the advice of a doctor or a registered dietitian. For example, pre-menopausal women who don’t consume enough calcium to grow taller and stronger bones from food likely need a calcium supplement-unless they’re willing to improve their diet. Some babies after age six months, children, and teens may need a fluoride supplement to grow taller and perhaps iron or vitamin D.

If you are not able to meet your calcium and vitamin D recommendations with foods to grow taller, you may need calcium or vitamin D supplements to grow taller. Ask a dietitian or your doctor about the right dosage and type. And enhance their absorption by taking them with food. Only food can provide the mixture of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and other substances for a health quality that can’t be duplicated with dietary supplements to grow taller alone. Fortunately for most Americans growing taller, there’s plenty of quality, quantity, and variety in the food marketplace.

Enjoy plenty of calcium and vitamin D-rich foods. They provide more for bone health calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D and overall health than supplements do. And a varied, well-balanced eating plan offers other nutrients that appear to promote bone density, including magnesium, potassium, and vitamin K

Supplements to grow taller carry labeling, showing the amounts of vitamins and minerals in a single dosage. If you already eat a healthful diet, you probably don’t need any more than a low-dose supplement. Taking a multivitamin/mineral supplement, with no more than 100 percent of the Daily Values (DVs) as a safety net, is generally considered safe. Most nutrient supplements are produced in low dosages.

Supplements with water-soluble vitamins or minerals can be risky if taken in excess, over time. For example, taking extra vitamin B6 has been suggested to help relieve premenstrual tension. Yet there’s limited evidence to support large vitamin B6 doses for relief of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Many women have viewed large vitamin B6 doses as harmless, since they are water-soluble. Instead, they may cause irreversible nerve damage when taken in very large doses above the Tolerable Upper Intake Level (UL): 500 to 5,000 mg vitamin B6 per day.

That said, can you overdose on vitamins or minerals naturally as you grow taller with food? That’s highly unlikely. As we mentioned, taking very high doses of dietary supplements or taking too many, too often can be dangerous. The vitamin and mineral content of food is much more balanced fortunately. In amounts normally consumed, even if you enjoy extra helpings, you won’t consume toxic levels of nutrients. So eat a variety of foods-and enjoy! Note: Nutrient amounts to grow taller can add up if you consume a lot of highly fortified foods.

You may take dietary supplements to grow taller for potential health benefits. It’s not uncommon for people diagnosed with cancer, AIDS, or other life-threatening health problems, who are desperate for a cure, to put their hopes and healthcare dollars in alternative treatments, including dietary supplements. However, supplements may offer a false sense of security-and a serious problem if you neglect well-proven approaches to health or delay medical attention.

Drink plenty of fluids with calcium supplements to avoid constipation. The lactose and vitamin D in the milk help to enhance calcium absorption. If you don’t drink milk and want an alternative to calcium pills, consider calcium-fortified juice or soy beverage. One cup of calcium-fortified juice or soy beverage can contain about 300 milligrams of calcium, the same amount as in a cup of milk, and provides vitamin C, folate, and other nutrients. Still, you need a vitamin D source to aid absorption; some calcium-fortified juices and soy beverages are also fortified with vitamin D.

Calcium supplements help to protect against osteoporosis (brittle-bone disease) It can’t make up for your lifestyle choices or poor health habits. Regular weight-bearing physical activity is important to grow taller and obtain healthy bones. For healthy bones, avoid smoking, too.

Vitamin nasal sprays or patches are effective to grow taller? No research evidence says so, even though they’re promoted for faster, more efficient absorption. In fact, they may not be absorbed at all. Here’s the reality check: Fat-soluble vitamins need fat from food to aid absorption. Vitamin C in your intestine aids iron absorption-a problem if vitamin C comes from a spray. Vitamin B12 binds with intrinsic factor made in the stomach during digestion. That cannot happen with a spray or a patch! So that means all the place that try to claim that you could grow taller with that are just scam.

Indeed, herbals and other botanicals have known medicinal qualities helping us grow taller; 30 percent of today’s drugs come from plants. Yet, herbals and other botanical supplements also are sold as dietary supplements rather than regulated as drugs. Like many plant-derived pharmaceuticals, these supplements can offer both positive health benefits and harmful side effects.

On the up side, enough scientific evidence has been collected on a handful of botanical supplements to support their limited use. For example, under a doctor’s guidance, gingko biloba may be used to help treat the symptoms of age-related memory loss and dementia (including Alzheimer’s disease); green tea extract may help reduce cancer risk. A growing body of research evidence is being gathered about their safety and effectiveness, as well as their limitations and dangers.

On the down side, like other supplements to grow taller, herbal and other botanical supplements are regulated differently from pharmaceuticals, which are meant to cure or prevent disease. You aren’t as protected from misleading claims as you might think. When you think about the quality and effectiveness of these grow taller methods; you can see that the marketer’s are absolutely in control of the quality…

According to current law and regulations, herbal and botanical remedies to grow taller and other dietary supplements to grow taller can enter the marketplace without FDA approval. The burden is on the FDA to remove a dangerous dietary supplements to grow taller from the marketplace. Currently dosages of herbal remedies aren’t standardized, so dosages vary among products. Some are even copies of the actual real-product that is made by legitimate herbal company; they put the same product name change what is inside and put the same label. Be very careful, you can look up grow taller 4 smarts free scam alerts to be ahead of scammers.

Although packaging claims can’t say that a supplement to grow taller cures or prevents disease, it may carry claims for its purported health role. Many claims have only limited scientific evidence. Are herbal supplements or botanicals are safe during pregnancy and nursing? There’s not enough scientific evidence yet to recommend safe levels for herbal supplements for pregnant or nursing moms. However, some are known to be harmful to a baby.

How to Detect Drug Abusing Teenagers

The effects of substance abuse in teens are not only individual; they can also be seen on the society. They may face problems at school or college and may involve in criminal activities. It is therefore very important to detect drug abusing teenagers. Drug testing should be conducted on a regular basis at schools and homes to identify and save them from harmful drugs of abuse.

Signs of drug abuse
Identifying certain signs helps you to detect if the kid is addicted to the drugs. Some of the common physical and emotional signs are:

• Change in sleep patterns
• Poor motor coordination
• Poor hygiene and illness including nausea and excessive sweating
• Irregular heartbeat
• Impaired thinking
• Mood swings
• Hyperactivity or overtired
• Depression

Drug abusing teens lose their interest in family activities, often abuse verbally and physically at home or school, and disrespect the family or school. In addition, abrupt decrease in grades, memory and attention loss, and lack of interest and concentration on studies are some of the signs at school. The moment you observe any of the above mentioned signs, you need to immediately check if the kid is abusing drugs. Drug testing is one of the safest and easiest ways to detect the drug abuse among teens.

Types of drug tests
There are different types of methods to detect the teens who are using drugs. Some of the common ones are urine, saliva, hair, and blood tests.

Urine drug test
Of all the types, urine testing is used most commonly as it is inexpensive method used to detect a drug user. You can use urine test kits at home or school to check if the child is addicted to illegal drugs. Quick and accurate results are obtained by these test kits.

Saliva drug test
It is more advantageous as it is relatively non-intrusive. Saliva from the mouth is taken through a swab and is checked for the presence of drugs. Most recent drug abuse can be detected by saliva tests. Conducting saliva test is very easy and also provides accurate and immediate results.

Hair drug test
This method is also non-intrusive. A hair sample of 1.5 inches in length is enough for conducting the test. Drug or its metabolites deposited at the hair shaft are detected by hair tests. You can get very reliable and accurate results by this method.

Blood drug test
You can also use a blood sample of the teen to detect illegal drug usage. It is however expensive and you need to approach laboratory as you cannot conduct it at your home.

Detection periods
The detection period depends on the method of test conducted. These detection periods vary from the type, dosage, and frequency of drug used.

Urine drug test can detect drug or its metabolites for 30 days in frequent users and for 2-3 days in occasional users. The test detects Cocaine for 4-5 days, Heroin for 2-4 days, Methamphetamine for 3-5 days, PCP for 3-7 days, and Codeine for 2-4 days.

A saliva test is mostly used to detect recent drug usage. However, it can also detect drugs consumed 3 days back. Of all the methods, hair drug test has a longer detection period. It detects illegal drug consumption for about 90 days.

What if results are positive?
Once the kid is tested positive by drug test kit, talk to him/her about the result. You can get a confirmatory result through laboratory tests. Communicate with him regularly regarding the effects of drug abuse. Ask him to leave companions or friends who are habituated to drugs. If necessary, send him/her to substance abuse treatment program.

Importance of intervention
Detection and intervention of drug abuse at primitive stages can prevent further damage. Drug intervention is an attempt made by family members or school authorities to help the teen get out of drug abuse or addiction. The main objective of intervention is to make the teen understand the physical and mental destruction caused by drug abuse. If you are not able to speak to the kid on this, you can take help of your friends or relatives. You can also consult specialists who counsel drug abusers and help them get back to their normal life.

Parents and school authorities should always keep an eye on the behavior and activities of the teens. Necessary measures have to be taken in order to prevent them from taking drugs.

Prevent Teen Drug Abuse Using Drug Testing Kits at Home

Teen drug abuse became a serious health problem in United States. It is hurting the healthcare system, burdening the economy, and causing millions of deaths every year. Of the many causes that promote drug abuse among teens, lack of parental supervision is a major one. Teens should be guarded properly by their parents as they are still immature.

Since, early intervention leads to effective prevention of this unhealthy habit, parents should identify drug abusing habits in teens and take preventive measures. Parents can take help of home drug testing kits which are effective and easy to use.

In this article, we will discuss about teens and their vulnerability to drug abuse; how to identify teen drug abuse and how important are drug testing programs at home to prevent teen drug abuse.

Teens – vulnerable to drugs abuse: Many scientific studies have already proved that teenagers are more prone to risk taking and are vulnerable to drug abuse when compared to adults. This typical behavior of teens during adolescence is because of the major changes in parts of the brain that are responsible for functions such as self-control, judgment, planning, organization, and emotions. Since teen brains are not yet fully developed, they cannot take proper decisions and fall victims to unhealthy habits like drug and alcohol abuse.

Signs and symptoms of drug abuse: The primary step towards prevention of drug abuse in teens is to identify their unhealthy habits. Prominent changes, both in their behavior and in physical appearance can be noticed even at the early stages of abuse. Following are the warning signs:

Physical and emotional changes:
• Red eyes
• Finding difficulty to speak
• Sudden fall or rise in weight
• Lack of hygiene and showing less interest in personal grooming
• Aggression and arrogance
• Depression and irritation

Social and behavioral changes:
• Dissociation from old friends and acquiring new social group
• Sudden anger or depression
• Poor attendance and academics at school
• Spending time lonely
• Abnormal odor in breath or clothing
• Pipes, needles and other suspicious substances in their room

Importance of home drug test kits: The moment you see the signs that indicate drug abuse in your teen, it is the time to confirm drug abusing habits using reliable methods. They are useful devices for the parents to confirm these unhealthy habits in teens. They are simple, easy to use, provide instant and accurate results, cost-effective and above all ensure privacy. Some multi-panel drug testing kits can detect multiple drugs of abuse at a shot.

Best drug test methods to implement: When it comes to home drug testing, urine and saliva tests are considered to be the best methods. There are two other methods – blood and hair tests also, but they need special devices and expert supervision, hence are not recommended for home testing.

Urine test can detect the drugs in your teen’s system up to three days after use. If you believe that your teen has taken drugs during the last few days, then this method is effective in offering accurate results. However, it is necessary to check that your teen is not providing fake urine sample which can lead to false results.

Saliva drug testing is an ideal drug test if you suspect that your teen abused drugs on that particular day. These kits can detect drug use up to 48 hours.

Need for random drug testing: If you are conducting drug tests on your teens at regular intervals, following a regular pattern, your teen may notice the pattern and either try to manipulate the sample before the test or stop abusing drugs few days before the test. Hence, practicing random drug tests is always an ideal way to identify the drug use which effectively helps in detecting the drug abuse among your teens. Random testing makes teens say ‘NO’ to drugs as they know that you can conduct drug testing any time at home.

Home drug testing kits can be considered as effective solutions in controlling and preventing drug abuse in your teens. So, make sure that you have some of them at home to test your teen to help him stay away from drugs.